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Any solution would be based on third parties, the robust solution is either to run your own country with fuel sources for electricity and army to defend the datacenters or rely on multiple independent infrastructures. I think the latter is less complex.

This is a ridiculous statement. Surely you realise that there is a sliding scale.

You can run your own hardware and pull in multiple power lines without establishing your own country.

I’ve ran my own hardware, maybe people have genuinely forgotten what it’s like, and granted, it takes preparation and planning and it’s harder than clicking “go” in a dashboard. But it’s not the same as establishing a country and source your own fuel and feed an army. This is absurd.

Correct. Most CFO's I've run into as of late would rather spend $100 on a cloud vm than deal with capex, depreciation, and management of the infrastructure. Even though doing it yourself with the right people can go alot further.

The GP's statement is about relying on third parties, multiple power lines with generators you don't own on the other side falls under it.

Fun related fact: My first employee's main office was in former electonics factory in Moscow's downtown powered by 2 thermal power stations (and no other alternatives), which have exact same maintenance schedule.

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