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So can a compromise of a "smart" lock.

It's a fake trade-off, because you're choosing between lo-tech solution and bad engineering. IoT would work better if you made the "I" part stand for "Intranet", and kept the whole thing a product instead of a service. Alas, this wouldn't support user exploitation.

Yeah, my dream device would be some standard app architecture that could run on consumer routers. You buy the router and it's your family file and print server, and also is the public portal to manage your IoT devices like cameras, locks, thermostats, and lights.

You can get a fair amount of this with a Synology box. Granted, a tool for the reasonably technically savvy and probably not grandma.

I love my Synology, I wish they would expand more into being the controller of the various home IOT devices.

I don't use the features, but I know my Qnap keeps touting IoT so they might be worth checking out as well.

It's also my Plex media server, file server, VPN, I run some containers on there. I used to use it as a print server but my new printer is wireless so I never bothered

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