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ZoFreX 1219 days ago | link | parent

Sure, but should the pick gun fail, your locksmith (hopefully!) can do it the old-fashioned way, too. And pick guns take a lot more skill than people think, they still require a skilled operator to be effective.

StavrosK 1219 days ago | link

I agree with the former, but for the latter, scrubbing a lock isn't all that hard (it takes two or three tries with the pick and it's open), and I can't imagine the gun being harder than that. In fact, it's marketed as the easier way to scrub locks.


ZoFreX 1219 days ago | link

For those like me that had to Google it, "scrubbing" synonymous with "raking".

That depends on the lock, and your skills. I've never managed to get the hang of it personally, but I've seen others take to it like ducks to water.


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