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>For something as important as an election, it should be simple enough for people to understand the process and believe in the result.

In my county in California, the first voter to arrive has the responsibility of verifying that the ballot scanner is empty and that its printout reads all 0's. That person then serves as a witness to the poll workers applying tamper-evident seals to the scanner door and data module.

This takes no more than two or three minutes to accomplish, and anyone with reasonably working eyeballs can carry this out. You lose this scrutability when you introduce cryptographic proofs and multi-step algorithms into the process.

How does anybody know it's not just a friend that was told to come early? This sounds like such a ridiculously easy rule to get around that it's almost unnecessary to even have it

I mean anything is easy if you have a perfect conspiracy between the precinct workers, county inspector, results auditors, and public witness.

Yeah, but the conspiracy to carry it out would need to be absurdly large.

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