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If it "costs too much," arguably, our security products just suck. We've seen what people will put up with if it adds value, and security products don't add enough value for people to adopt them unless they are forced to by compliance offices.

It's really on us to provide value, and on businesses to not create privacy disasters.

There are products I think are amazing as a security person (okta, auth0, forgerock, keycloak, hashicorp vault, EFK, jenkins' owasp integrations, authy, iphone's TEE, etc) but if developers and product teams are not adopting them willingly, they suck.

What's great about these products is they provide useful plug-in services (IAM, logging, analysis, data viz, version control, alerting, etc), but it's like there is a piece missing where developers decide, "thank god this exists, it saves me weeks."

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