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Everything everyone else has said. However, if you don't have a budget for this, you can do a few basic things that will greatly improve the usability of your site.

First, can you navigate your entire site without using a mouse (including any widgets, forms, embeded stuff)? You should also have a "Skip to main content" button that is the first element you hit when you tab into your page.

Next, download the NVDA screen reader, which is free, turn off your monitor (or close your eyes), and navigate your site using it. I recommend using FireFox for this.

Finally, use a color contrast analyzer plugin for your browser to ensure you have enough contrast between all of you elements.

From there, you can review the WCAG 2.0 spec to get into the fine details. If you have the budget, hire a consultant/contractor. What I described above doesn't make your site pleasent to use for a disable person, just usable.

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