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The same concepts are still there, it's just a nicer API now. Think Hadoop -> spark.

Map -> map, filter, flatmap, etc

Reduce -> reduce, joins, folds, group by, etc

Those other concepts were always expressible as map and reduce, of course, just with a bunch of annoying repetitive work

Dataflow looks like it is just their public version of flumejava (both mention pcollections) [0] which indeed is basically a just a bunch of mapreduces pipelined into a fancy directed acyclic graph.

Here is the abstract: "MapReduce and similar systems significantly ease the task of writing data-parallel code. However, many real-world computations require a pipeline of MapReduces, and programming and managing such pipelines can be difficult. We present FlumeJava, a Java library that makes it easy to develop, test, and run efficient dataparallel pipelines. At the core of the FlumeJava library are a couple of classes that represent immutable parallel collections, each supporting a modest number of operations for processing them in parallel. Parallel collections and their operations present a simple, high-level, uniform abstraction over different data representations and execution strategies. To enable parallel operations to run efficiently, FlumeJava defers their evaluation, instead internally constructing an execution plan dataflow graph. When the final results of the parallel operations are eventually needed, FlumeJava first optimizes the execution plan, and then executes the optimized operations on appropriate underlying primitives (e.g., MapReduces). The combination of high-level abstractions for parallel data and computation, deferred evaluation and optimization, and efficient parallel primitives yields an easy-to-use system that approaches the efficiency of hand-optimized pipelines. FlumeJava is in active use by hundreds of pipeline developers within Google" [0].

[0]: https://ai.google/research/pubs/pub35650

Yeah, reduce should have really been named groupBy or something. The shiffle-sort to group by key is the important part.

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