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I had a serious problem with bots spamming my forum. I implemented all the usual captchas but none of it worked. What I found interesting was that I was able to defeat the bots simply by "tricking" them. I kept the old forum up but basically set this forum to auto delete the content on it. I then setup a brand new forum and for whatever reason bots don't spam it, at all. It is almost like the bot goes to the original forum, spams it, and then moves on thinking it has completed its mission. I even flat out disabled the captcha to see if anything changed and nothing did. The new forum never got spammed. I have no idea why that happened but it strangely did work. When I do get spam, I don't think that spam is from bots. It is from humans posting instead but that is at least manageable to clean up.

It kinda leads me to conclude that each developer has to create "out of the box" solutions instead of some plug and play solution. If a plug and play solution is developed then all the spam bot creators start figuring out ways to crack or simply create a service for human based cracking. If unconventional methods are used on each site then it gets more complicated for the spammers.

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