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I’m a fan of the Chinese-style captchas where you just move a puzzle piece with a slider. I have no idea how defeatable it is vs reCaptcha but it’s far far less painful.

It seems like it is effective.

We were getting a lot of automated requests, and right when we put the waterwall on our page, it did a good job of picking out those users and not impacting others.

After a few days though, those users were able to start getting through again, but based on the timing between requests, it looks like they might have had to start operating the page manually.

Literally anything that is even a bit unusual works against general-purpose spambots. No need to have big complicated games and puzzles.

But if a bot decides to target you specifically, all of these things are trivial to defeat. So once again they are not useful.

What happens here in the background?

I can imagine at the frontend you have some JavaScript, where an input field gets filled in or something. There has to be some server side checking as well, otherwise a simple HTTP POST would submit fine.

I do like the idea, but if you need JavaScript anyway, why not have some invisible inputs. They work for now.

Yeah, it's very widely used in the crypto world :)

How do these work? I assume they try to do some machine learning or other magic on the sliding action?

I don't know these, do you have an example?

Geetest is one of them, I've seen it on crypto projects generally, binance for example.

A picture with a missing piece as a hole is presented to the user. The missing piece is floating in front of the picture that can be dragged with the mouse (or via touch). A slider let the missing piece to be dragged left or right, to make it easier than 2D free movement. The user has to drag the missing piece on top of the hole on the picture to prove he's a human. The location of the missing piece is randomized for each interaction.

QQ mail have this captcha: https://mail.qq.com/ This is how it looks: https://i.imgur.com/9Am4PWu.png

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