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Thank you, kadavy, we are listening. Over the last six months or so we've been trying very hard to improve the overall quality of the articles published on Smashing Magazine. One of the improvements we introduced is the so-called 'Smashing Magazine Experts Panel' where our articles are reviewed by experts (who are invited and paid for their reviews) before these articles get published online. There are also other things we do to ensure the good quality of the articles. We want to be a professional, reliable online publication for designers and web-developers.

Your feedback indicates that we are on the right way — thanks, we truly appreciate your time.

Indeed this is such an improvement on what I am used to reading at SM. I just mailed you about it. Seems like the expert panel is working.

I had similar article outlined - waiting to be written too. But this was really good!

Edit: This was Vitaly, so changed language addressing him.

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