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I am European as well, and although I completely agree that American people are the best part of the American experience (INS officials being an exceptions, because they are not humans, of course), there was this one exception the first week I came first time in my life to Boston. I was rushing to the revolving door and I saw a lady obviously some kind of professional who was rushing to the same doors. I have opened the door and hold it for her. I couldn't believe when I was slapped on my face and told she didn't need a help from a sexist pig. Fortunately, I have not gave up on being courteous and I have never repeated this experience, but this was surely weird situation.

Greetings over the Pond!

You should have filed assault charges on the bitch. She doesn't need help from a sexist pig, yet she slaps you across the face because it's okay for a woman to slap a man.

"In my country, we're polite, bitch."

I live in the Southern U.S. (Atlanta) and what I love the most about this place is how courteous people are. If I was walking towards a door and someone was there first, it would be uncommon for them not to hold it open, genders notwithstanding.

I am sorry you had this experience. There are always some people who take positive ideas to the other extreme and become exactly like the people they despise.

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