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I found jk to be the best. If I use it in normal mode it is a no op (cursor up and down). The english language (and most all programming languages) don’t have words with a jk sequence in them (unlike kj). It works universally across all keyboards and terminals. My fingers are already there (unlike esc which is just as bad as lifting my hands to use the mouse). Plus in the rare case I do need jk inputed (very very rare) first the default is a safe default (esc) and second the mental load to pause while typing (pressing j wait past the half second timeout then press k) is no different then the mental load to choose to accept the expansion of abbreviations or delay typing to get around the auto expansion triggers.

Jk for the win!!! (Also jj works well to).

I also set my mapleader to <Space> you would be surprised how useful that is. Not to mention , (comma) is a valid and useful vi movement key.

Heh, kj is a no-op too of course (down then up).

I have literally never found myself needing to pause to wait for a k and then a j. What are these words with "kj" in them that you're wary of? I'm genuinely curious :)

Blackjack? In english there are words that end in k while I don’t know of any that end with J.

However my vim set up maps jk, kj, jj, and kk to Esc to in reality it is safe to just mash those two keys and one of the maps will work.

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