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Firstly how are they assholes. Some people will smile and nod and gather evidence to get you fired.

Some will scream and yell all the time but when push comes to shove will act honorably and go to bat for you.

Others are just looking to pin as much stuff on you in order to the cya game.

Also figure out why they're assholes if possible. The solutions are very different if they're assholes because they're boss is an assholes (asshole by proxy). If they're assholes because they just care a lot about the project and are worried/anxious (asshole by circumstance). Or if they're just always an asshole (asshole by nature).

General advice though is document everything, dot every i, and cross every t because shit tends to go sideways when assholes are involved and you don't want to be the one to get screwed.

Hey, I love your asshole matrix! Should be taught at some kind of dark MBA school.

> Should be taught at some kind of dark MBA school.

Isn't that the bulk of them?

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