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I loved this but wanted to generalize it a bit to clean it up and make it portable across different computers.

By no means am I a vimscript expert so any improvements welcome. (I've defined g:settings.kanban_board_path above).

    function! g:Kanban_file(stage)
        return g:settings.kanban_board_path . a:stage

    let $KBsoon=g:Kanban_file('soon.md')
    let $KBdoing=g:Kanban_file('doing.md')
    let $KBtoday=g:Kanban_file('today.md')
    let $KBdone=g:Kanban_file('done.md')
    let $KBarchive=g:Kanban_file('archive.md')
    " Close board tab

    map <leader>bc :tabclose<CR>

    " Main board: soon, doing, today, done

    map <leader>bb :tabnew $KBsoon<CR>:vnew $KBdoing<CR>:vnew $KBtoday<CR>:vnew $KBdone<CR>


Lovely, it was a bit of a hack I came up with that I was trying out, but your cleaned up version makes it look wonderful so into my init.vim it goes! Thanks :)

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