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It's a slower-moving site with lots of CompSci and programmer-focused stuff. People also regularly share what projects they work on, what's going on in their life, or maybe what they're reading. Still has a small community feel despite over 10,000 views a day.

Lobsters and Hacker News are my must reads each day. They're both great. :)

I just saw Lobsters can send new stories and comments as plain text emails. With an advanced MUA (e.g. mutt) you could probably implement your own scoring algorithm.

(I'd appreciate an invitation, too: <hnname>@secure.mailbox.org)

Update: got an invitation. Thanks!

It doesn't look like lobsters have enough content for everyday reading..

Some days, the front page won't change much if at all from previous day. There will be stuff in Recent and Comments coming in that might be highly interesting. Some of these people will drop a whopper of a comment days after it's posted. I usually have stuff to read every day.

Checking now, fro added a paper on fuzzing for side channels in CPU's 30 min ago. Might have missed it if I just looked at morning feed but not later in day.

I've got Lobsters (and HN, and barnacl.es) hooked into my RSS reader. It updates when it updates, and I still get the good stuff :-)

I’ve been lurking for months but don’t have an account yet. Do you (or someone else) happen to have an invite to spare? Would be very appreciated. Email in my bio.

I'd also appreciate one phil@upvalue.io if anyone happens to have one. Have been lurking for a while and interested in participating.

Can I get an invite? danielecook at gmail dot com

Can't recommend https://lobste.rs enough. If anybody has an invite to give out I'd thoroughly appreciate it.


EDIT: removed email


EDIT: Removed email

i did messe. tried with me now.

Thank you. Much appreciated.

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