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One thing about agile is that usually companies not only set fixed deadlines but also fixed feature set; which usually means lower quality.

That in turn means technical debt; which puts future deadlines and feature sets at risk.

Since in SCRUM as a team you try to not compromise on quality the only way out of this is to push back on deadlines or feature set (or both).

So instead of blindly executing orders; the development teams can push back on deadlines.

Most of the time these are actually negotiable. Even the "hard" deadlines....

It doesnt mean the dev teams always win however they are better equipped to inform "management" about the consequence of the deadline.

Exactly. Probably 90% of the burden on a successful agile project is in setting expectations with stakeholders for an iterative delivery without a fixed scope. It can be a tough sell but it shouldn't be. If you've ever done a top line estimate on a fixed scope project, you know it's just absolutely not possible. Why set a deadline you know with 100% certainty you're not going to hit? Just bake it into the contract and upfront expectations.

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