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My in-laws got hit by an absolutely ridiculous phone scam. Basically some guy called and said "Hey this is Apple, this is an emergency, your iCloud got hacked, you need to install this remote desktop software and give me your credit card info so I can fix it for you". They are smart people but they still fell for it. So, the advice we gave them was that no organization is going to use a phone call to deliver important or urgent information. So if a call like that comes in, just ignore it or ask for a call-back number and then try to verify it by asking us. If a company or government agency truly wants to convey important info to you, they'll send mail.

> ask for a call-back number

Better to just call their main support line. Most likely they’ll never have heard of ‘some guy’ and they’ll tell you your iCloud is just fine.

They often have call back numbers from what I have heard.

Yeah, you have to verify the number through an independent system.

> They are smart people but they still fell for it.

If they fell for that then they're not very smart.

Would a smart person fall for it if a random hobo turned up at their door and claimed to be Jesus, but BTW he really needs you card and pin for 20 minutes, oh and $500 in cash as well!


Everybody has blind spots or moments of weakness. Scammers get a lot of practice and everyone could fall for a specific scam.

Assuming people aren't smart because they fall for a scam doesn't do them justice and it shows a lack of empathy on your part.

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