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I'm trying to not be condescending, but I have a strong feeling that will change when the market eventually crashes.

I say this because I honestly don't see how anyone who is serious about financial planning can use Robinhood for anything besides "play market". Case in point: the graphs in Robinhood show no y-axis values. This is insane if you actually care to see how your portfolio has been doing. Yet this is obviously intentional by Robinhood, so it must be designed to obfuscate what is really going on.

When things really start to go south (which they inevitably always do) there is going to be a run on the bank at Robinhood.

So people will do that, but why would I just not sit out and keep stocks like my Berkshire or SP500 ETFs during it? Why would I just not double down and wait a few more years during those dips? Or am I not expected to do that because I bought it in Robinhood as opposed to having bought it in E-trade?

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