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You've linked Clicker Heroes 2, not the original game.

This is the game that should be compared to the Chinese title: https://www.clickerheroes.com/

It's correct to say that the Chinese game is more directly a reskinned clone of Tap Titans, but Tap Titans itself began as a gameplay clone of Clicker Heroes. The visual layout is different but my understanding is the gameplay was virtually identical, at least at launch.

It makes sense that a Chinese mobile game company wanting to quickly clone and profit from the success of Clicker Heroes in 2015 would end up reskinning Tap Titans because Tap Titans was a Clicker Heroes clone that was available on mobile even while Clicker Heroes itself was still only available on PC.

It seems clear the Chinese company realized the connection between Tap Titans and Clicker Heroes, which is why they chose to steal the name Clicker Heroes for their clone of a clone.

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