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I had a company rip off my work last year (Udemy) and sell it to 12,000 students and I didn't see a dime of the 2.4 million they supposedly sold it full price for. Even though I know they didn't make that type of money, I had a legitimate claim for damages. Even still, attorneys will not talk to you for free. I was the number one story on Reddit when this happened and still, attorneys cost money and it's much easier to get what you want via the pitchfork mob to be honest, that's how my viewers took it to Udemy and they immediately took action. In this case, nobody in the industrialized world should be okay with the way China deals with trademarks.

Yes you can't battle it out with a gov or a big company that steals your work. That is the real problem. There should be a pitchfork mob to fix that.

What also sucks is someone starting a fake pitchfork mob on reddit and ruining your business/youtube channel or getting you fired. Not saying this is the case now, but if they are successful then it just encourages more to try it and some will just exploit it.

P.S. I find it weird that you personally got ripped off by Udemy (an american company, right?) and can't fight back (other than on reddit), yet now you blame the entire China for this trademark dispute. Did you also blame the entire US and campaigned for the "industrialized world" to blacklist the US?

The United States legal system is a mess and companies such as Udemy are protected by the DMCA unless you can really prove systemic copyright violation (by design as in Megaupload) ect...

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