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I'm ready to sacrifice my extremely convenient way to unlock iPhone just to know this technology is banned worldwide.

This technology opens wide doors for surveillance, for finding, identifying and pursuing political opponents - not just their leaders, but every person who was brave enough to protest on the streets.

It opens wide doors also for cyber bullying, and this issue is a problem for every country, not only for dictatorships.

What would you expect to be achieved by banning it? Intelligence services will continue with it, which is my major concern over its current use.

I think the concern is more widespread use by LEO and corporates who have far less oversight - and will effect several orders of magnitude more people.

You have vastly overestimated the oversight on intelligence agencies.

And how much legal oversight do the FANGS have? Let alone some local US police force run by individuals such as Sherriff Joe

It will be less widespread and fewer engineers will push it forward.

This is how you get billion+ defense contracts. Because Intelligence Services always get what they want regardless of the price and we pay for it.

It will not give them access this tech on every consumer device with camera.

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