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It may not be a clone of Clicker Heroes, but it does appear to be extremely close (visually) to Tap Titans:

点击英雄: http://n.7k7kimg.cn/m00/6f/37/01b6d018a2f7485ea9de55f4b02bf2...

Tap Titans: https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/BfZpbHHc_htTbIla-wzdj1BFtS...

And it also seems that many of the character designs are copied from Warcraft3 / DotA.

The Chinese link leads to a 403 Forbidden message.

Depends on your ISP it seems - here's a mirror: https://imgur.com/kW2GnJH

Strange, it was working for me early (it appears to only load if you got go to 7k7k.com first). The image RIMR linked to is the same.

Same 403 for me, but TOR Browser was allowed.

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