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It's not even closely related to any brand here. It's completely generic. Most of the time the ugg boots producers are really small businesses and you purchase locally made ones.

A possible solution would be the [australian] government trademarking their traditional product names or a similar variant, and then acting as umbrella for thousands of australian small companies. Granting a free use of the term and defense against predatory practices. A sort of shared trademark.

Maybe should be named uggstralian boots from now on.

Why should it be named uggstralian now? It's an offensive suggestion. Do you think generic American words,like Pickup truck or Hamburger, should be able to be trademarked and then America would need to change the word?

> Why should it be named uggstralian now?

Because "ugg boots" is now a trademark, therefore unavailable for everybody else, whereas "hamburger" is not.

Can you provide a better name?

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