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One big reason is battery life. I don't want my mobile device to have to rely on the reliability of another party to transmit. If the other party can't receive at the moment, my phone has to do a lot of work to figure that out and periodically retry sending in a graceful fashion. With a server I am guaranteed that as long as my phone has connectivity, my message will eventually be received, and it only takes as much energy as it takes for me to send it to the server.

Fair point. This problem could be alleviated by @InflatableDodo's comment of using other nodes (devices) on the network to cache the video, so even if the sender went offline, another node could make the connection with the recipient when they are both online. Sort of like seeding a torrent, except in this case, the video gets wiped upon confirmed receipt.

Of course, this is more viable if this gains a large network.

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