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I have a book recommendation that may help you think a little outside the box when it comes to living expenses: https://www.amazon.com/dp/145360121X/?tag=oildepletio03-20

Not only is 40 hours / week of a minimum wage job totally livable, the author of this book would be able to save over 50% of such salary. Is it unusual? Yes. Is it easy? Haaaail no. But impossible? Please.

The average cost of healthcare is more than his yearly expenses.

Here's a hint, pithy books written by those born into wealth about how the poor just don't have discipline aren't generally worth the paper they're printed on.

This is why we can’t have difficult conversations about these things. My family was on food stamps when I was growing up. I’m a Bernie supporting über-liberal. I do not think the poor are poor because of lack of discipline.

I understand, and share, your frustration with poor shaming. But please understand nobody here is doing that.

Literally the average cost of healthcare is more than all of this guy's expenses. His experiences don't line up with reality for most people in the US.

The one avoiding difficult conversations is you.

This’ll be my final response to you: those making minimum wage don’t typically pay the average cost for anything. Their healthcare will either be:

- Covered (at least partially) by their employer (like most Americans)

- Covered by Medicaid

- Heavily subsidized under the ACA

Don't most people making minimum wage qualify for Medicaid?

Getting Medicaid is very time consuming, and people making minimum wage don't have a lot of extra time.

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