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I'm currently sending emails to the first 50,000 addresses listed in the database dump via SendGrid. I only have 50,000 credits left for this month, but at least that many will get notified.

A bit too late now, but that violates at least the first three terms of the SendGrid e-mail TOS and I wouldn't be surprised if SendGrid got a "bit upset" about it..

Well, haven't actually clicked the send button yet.. was waiting for the import to finish. I'm second-guessing the foolhardy good samaritan effort now, though. ;)

It's a free account that I got via an AppSumo bundle, so no real loss to me if it gets terminated, but I'd rather not go that route to begin with, ya know?

We've got the entire list covered.

Good to know. Thanks! I can remain a normal TOS-fearing citizen. :)

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