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Being a large fan of the Dune novels, I'm looking forward to the day a manufacturer creates a real world Stillsuit

I'm not looking forward to them being necessary, but given the news that bits of the world may move past unaugmented survivability, due to wet bulb temp, I have been giving some thought to the cheapest version. So far I have been looking at a solar panelled conical hat, similar to the traditional chinese farmer hats, with a curtain of layers of mosquito net. The layers are seperated and cotain a water condenser that feeds to a storage tube at the bottom that also acts as a weight and a cool environment is kept within the circle under the hat by the air being blown through the condenser.

If you had the cone made of slightly rotated PV strips within a stationary brim and rotated them like a propeller hat you could do convention cooling in an incredibly stylish piece of headgear. X~D

Fantastic idea, you can also then cosplay as a jet engine.

I keep meaning to tidy up my design work for this and stick it online under some sort of open source licence. I'm not sure what the best one is for hardware projects, though the GPL will presumably do.

It would take me a while to get used to carrying my urine and feces around...

You're doing it right now...hopefully

Well damn, good point.

lol, you guys made me laugh so spit water all over my monitor :)

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