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To Zinder (granta.com)
32 points by rutenspitz 31 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 7 comments

> It is not knowledge that is lacking. The educated general public has always largely known what outrages have been committed and are being committed in the name of Progress, Civilization, Socialism, Democracy, and the Market.

>Everywhere in the world where knowledge is being suppressed, knowledge that, if it were made known, would shatter our image of the world and force us to question ourselves – everywhere there, Heart of Darkness is being enacted.

Indeed. We're watching concentration camps form and fill right now in China and nobody cares because it isn't Westerners being "re-educated" and we like our cheap televisions.

May I challenge your worldview with the reality that the majority of Chinese mainlanders and Westerners are aware of this occurring and don't really care that much to do anything?

To add to the cognitive dissonance:

Which country on Earth has the most people detained both in total and per 100,000?

You live in a country you are expected to obey those laws or the justice system will come after you. It doesn't matter how unjust those laws may be, it's the simple reality of it.

How on Earth do you propose to take away the sovereignty of a nuclear armed state and impose your own legal system upon them? Internet comments are one thing, slightly viable solutions another.

The same way we put pressure on any other: financial sanctions and public embarrassment.

Works ok with some countries certainly. But others live in their own little world, Iran has faced long running sanctions and still has survived quite well due to their resources.

I truly wish the world would do something but the realist in me reckons that even the most pious compassionate people on Earth aren't sacrificing their life quality for people in the otherside of Earth. Most wouldn't be willing to pay $100 more for an iphone given the choice.

It's very easy to write dismissive comments like mine on the internet but it truly is a very difficult problem to even slightly fix these injustices. Most people care right up until the point it negatively affects them.


Whataboutism has a long and storied history and yours isn't worth a footnote.

Whataboutism is usually framed around disagreement—I was agreeing with the parent.

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