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Spiel Des Jahres Nominations for 2019 (boardgamegeek.com)
67 points by rfreytag 23 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 6 comments

Interesting that all 3 nominees this year have such a relatively mediocre bgg rating

I'd hypothesize a self-selection bias. Casual players (the targets of the SdJ) are probably less likely to rate games than connoisseurs (who have their own category, the Kennerspiel des Jahres).

Notice that the Kennerspiel des Jahres nominees have higher ratings.

I didn’t notice that or even realize the other category was for the more serious gamers, thanks for pointing that out.

fyi, Spiel des Jahres means Game of the Year.

Seems a bit early in the year?

From the article:

[T]he jury focuses solely on games released in Germany within the past twelve months. From my understanding, a game needs to be available in a German edition prior to the end of March to be considered.

Interesting, I think this might actually be better than calendar year. In video games there's a very quick zeitgeist, but with board games it's much slower. So this is less "games released in 2019" as "games you can play in 2019".

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