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When you get more experienced most of these things make me laugh or cry (depending on the siuation); it does not matter what companies like FB, Google do; people on HN or Reddit will take it and do it to the extreme: we now ‘need to’ use React for everything; if it does not fit, just beat it with a hammer until it does. Kubernetes and microservices must be used for every tiny little part if the app even if it causes a lot more overhead in performance/memory use (computers are cheap and fast!) or debugging. Abstract almost everything! (Java + OOP, Javascript and the npm mess) to Abstract almost nothing! (Go w/o generics), Make everything reusable (left-pad), Rewrite everything in JS!, Rust!, Go! etc etc. Everyone is running after eachother and doing it more extreme and the end result is just as shit as if you would not have done that at all and just thought about it bit before opening some IDE and codegenerate you million lines of boilerplate with the instable and slow framework-du-jour. As an older coder I sigh when a codebase is taken out of the ‘mothballs’ even 6-12 months after creation and people cannot get it running because everything they used is outdated because the framework and library authors move fast and break everything all the time. And ofcourse it is in an outdated language / framework(Ruby on Rails is soooo pase) so noone knows anything , it uses the 358 most popular DSLs (350 unmaintained since january) at the time so unless you drank the same coolaid it is a nightmare spelonking adventure.

At least Dijkstra had sound mathematical reasoning for his arguments and wrote about them eloquently (and with good humor I may add); most of what is peddled in the hipster coding circles is a smooth talk by a gifted social media frontman that has no solid basis in anything besides that the person is popular. I do not even understand how people dare to put their name on complete messes like npm or one line npm packages unless it is a joke. I assume things like leftpad are in fact a joke; if they are not I would have to cry myself to sleep every night. So I just lie and say it is funny.

Only when someone codes something without any of that and it gets popular or makes a lot of money, people come with ‘it was best for this occassion’. The best example I can think off being anything Arther Whitney (k/kbd+) does; his softare makes a ton of money, it is faster, smaller and, in my opinion, easier to debug and uses less resources than most things I have ever seen passing here (including what people call embedded; no people, something with a gig of memory is not emdedded) and yet it pukes over almost all rules and styleguides that everyone loves so much. Not to mention: he does something a lot of programmers are jealous off (including me); he makes money with a programming language and is always used here as a counter example when people shout that programming languages that are not opensource and/or are commercial (even very costly) do not work.

I wanted to write one sentence; it became slightly more, but I guess most of it is on topic.

I'm probably going to take a lot of heat from all the young whippersnappers out there for this, but I absolutely love your comment about React. I'm going to save it. It totally describes my experiences with other developers. They want to use React to re-write major portions of our codebase that work perfectly well as is, just because React is super awesome! Can you guess how many of our customers have complained that our website isn't a single page application? I'll give you a hint, it's less than one. The devs will also make little teeny projects that would take less than an hour to write in Vanilla JS and make this big 20 hour development project that has a monolithic codebase that all the sudden needs routers and back button integration and url mangling and gigantic switch statements to draw the correct "page." Oh and don't forget you have to set up all that webpack and and compiling routines so that you can compile all that garbage into other garbage. And then you also have to do that build over and over again for every change. This is JavaScript. Script is in the name. It's not meant to be a compiled language. And contrary to our dev's beliefs, React does not run or draw faster than Vanilla JS, unless you are constantly redrawing the whole page in Vanilla JS, which no one does. I hate React.

Well I have 100s (literally because I work a lot with incubated startups) of anecdotes like that; when something is not react but makes bucket loads of money anyway (pro tip; those two things are absolutely not related at all), there will be someone who suggests a rewrite in React (native) for a reason that makes no sense to anyone but the people who are starry-eyed looking at their heros on Youtube giving low-tech presentations but with such an air of superiority. Well they DO work at Facebook (wait was that not some immoral company? Wait, wasn't the first version written in PHP which we all (...) hate here by the robot CEO everybody thinks is slightly insane these days? I guess that doesn't affect the tech now so let's ignore)!

Edit: I did not mean the last part sarcastic although it reads like that; I think Zuckerberg is a vastly overrated twat but that or that the product of the company currently sucks (yes yes IMHO, but many people agree and I mean currently; it could be great, but shareholder value) does not have anything todo with technical merit.

In the United States the management layer doesn't have a clue so if you don't keep up on React, GraphQL, etc etc - you're seen as a curmudgeon.

They're not the ones learning it but they're still attending all of the conferences for it and with a non-practiced engineering capability they're back to cargo cult BS.

Best to keep learning the new hotness or it's career suicide. Just remember, for almost any 9-5 it's about the _narrative_ of work more than it is about the work. Rewriting/changing huge portions of your already-working tech stack is job security. I truly believe a huge portion of engineers engage in their own "make-work" to justify their existence/paycheck.

Keeping up with something does not imply showhorning it into using it everywhere but I agree with you.

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