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I have been there, even when I was not in India then and not a 'fresher' as well.

I had just completed my Masters program from a well known university and was in the job hunt phase. I was contacted my multiple 'consultancies' that offered to tailor my resume to the needs of 'prestigious' clients and get me the position.

They were planning to show 7 years of work experience - I was just over 5 years out of my undergrad - which included actual 4+ years of experience, a nice break and then a 1 years Masters program.

I could not fathom how they would fake my resume to show the 7 years experience, but they were very confident about it. I was amused at the practice.

I was at the risk of having to leave the country if I could not secure a job over the coming months, and would have student loans to deal with as well. Despite this, I could not digest the idea of having a fake resume that I will have to carry for my entire professional life.

IMO - Do not do this if your moral compass does not allow it. You will be better off in the long run. (:fingers-crossed)

BTW, I am Indian and was in Bay Area when this happened (2014) and the 'consultancy' was also local.

Thank you for sharing your experience.

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