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I personally wouldn't build one again. I've built 4 in my life and my last one was High Sierra (last year is when I stopped using it).

It'll run great (NOT problem free) for 6 months; just enough time to forget everything you learned over the entire weekend you dedicated to initially getting it working, then update or something will break and you have to dive back into the tonyx86/etc rabbit hole for another entire day or an entire weekend.

Look at what he said, it's great when it works. That's the problem.

Stuff will usually still "work" but your video drivers will drop your resolution to 640 and you have to fight with that and try new kexts, sometimes your sound will flake and you'll research how to fix it, etc.

If your time is remotely valuable and you want your personal equipment to just "work" and not have to be tinkered with it's unpleasant.

That's why I was so excited the Mini finally got updates, but that doesn't really work with egpus so I wound up just going back to my MBP.

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