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I had a similar issue not long ago. I went in and really changed it into a massive 50 character pw.

My spotify account was hijacked in 2017 and managed to get it back - someone from Tunisia - he had the audacity to start creating playlists full of autotune rappers. I wouldn't mind sharing but man his taste in music was awful.

Same thing happened to me, right around the same time. Also my hijacker shared a similar taste in music to yours! Spotify denied that they had any database breaches, but I only use that password for spotify so I find that highly unlikely.

Yes. And my login is specific to spotify, eg. *+spotify@gmail.com

Was there some kind of big breach in 2017? My account wasn't even pro! I just logged into my account after a couple months and someone else was using it!

Interesting. A couple months ago I did have some weird thing where some song I never heard of kept playing and starting again when I chose my own song. My account is a free one, and limited to one concurrent player, so I see no need to “share”

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