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I own two of them. And a 2015 13” MBP with a Retina display. And a current iPad mini and an iPhone XS. And a BenQ 32” 4K display. And before that I had a 2009 13” MBP.

All of the non-iOS displays are calibrated via a munki.

The MBA display from this generation (my kids have the 11” MBAs with basically the same crap display) is the worst I’ve used by far. So bad it’s basically useless for photo editing. The contrast stinks. The color gamut stinks. You can’t look at it off-axis at all.

No no, I’ve looked at a lot of displays in my life. It’s my least favorite. The 2009 13” MBP display was better.

That there are non-Apple laptop displays that are even worse is cold comfort.

Haha, never pick up a base model ThinkPad then. Some of those displays are just ridiculously bad.

I measured the contrast of my 2013 MBA at ~800:1 with my Spyder3 back in the day, which is pretty OK for TN. It got somewhat close to 60% sRGB coverage.

For reference, my ThinkPad X230's TN display measured ~180:1 and couldn't even get to 50% sRGB.

No it isn't suitable for photo editing, but then no TN display really is due to the viewing angle colour and contrast shift. I haven't measured the 2015+ models but understand that the actual panel panel is meant to be the same. It's not what I would personally choose, but I thought it was acceptable at the time, even next to the TN MBP displays.

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