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As far as geopolitical cybersecurity plays go, making a lot of Chinese phones run an OS written by Huawei is insidiously brilliant for a potential attacker.

Assuming the Huawei UK reports about internal code practices are to be believed...

Brilliant, as more difficult, or easier for an attacker?

Personally I'm not sure an in house OS is necessarily more and I'd guess possibility less secure.

Sounds about right.

Even trying, doing it securely would be hard.

I'd probably say "precise."

In the sense that precision takes time and money, but mostly the former.

Starting on a Linux base gets them a lot of time saved, but as soon as they start having to write custom code (and they'll have to write a lot of it to re-adapt Linux to mobile systems) they're back in the same boat.

Essentially, mythical man month. There's no amount of programmers you can throw on a project to produce a secure, complex OS in a week's time.

Extrapolate to Android still making major security rearchitectures after a decade? Good luck starting back on Step 1 of that journey.

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