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I got my 2015 mpb battery replaced. I'm back to smooth sailing. Always plugged in so it'll last as long as possible.

It had bad battery bloat but when I got it back from apple care everything looked new.

What does Apple recommend wrt keeping a MBP always plugged in? That's what I do almost all the time, but I'm curious what they say about it.

Battery will last its longest if it's reasonably frequently used.

Ultimately if you want the longest battery longevity, keep it between 50% and 85% charged, and keep the machine cool.

Right, obviously heat is an enemy of li-ion batteries. My understanding (and I could be wrong) is that if a MBP is plugged in the power bypasses the battery once it reaches 100% charge, correct?

That is my understanding as well. Most of my macbooks (I've owned 3) have been plugged in the majority of the time, with at least some time every few days spent on battery power unplugged. I'd say you're fine as long as you're using the battery at least once every 2-3 weeks -- longer than that might not be good for the battery over long periods of time.

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