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By the way, did you know that DeepState is actually pure C, and that all the C++ is just window dressing on top? This means that you could feasibly integrate components of it in Ada, or call to those components in Ada, assuming that you haven't already produced your own variants of things.

Tried to connect DeepState ans Ada through C indeed, but since I can't make angr work with Ada yet, it's not really useful right now. For fuzzing I think DeepState was limited to libfuzzer ? Which needs clang or someone to port this to gcc-gnat (humpf) and I'm not sure DeepState supported AFL yet (EDIT: just looked at the repo now, and I see support for AFL and eclipser, Nice !) ... Will retry all this soon though. Thanks for the reminder !

What I was thinking was some improvements to gnattest (https://docs.adacore.com/gnat_ugn-docs/html/gnat_ugn/gnat_ug...) but also a way to add some quickcheck-like generator features (Ada already has the property description language through contracts) with Libadalang... One can dream !

But the whole "Let the developer write one test harness and use it almost as-is with different testing/validation techs" (I'm not explaining it well) was some kind of revelation.

When you say 'adding a fuzzing test harness is only 2-3 days work' you still get complaints: that's too much (but I then found dozens of bugs), it's /another/ test harness to maintain, we'll have to rebuild an input corpus for every interface break (true...). Anything that could alleviate the pain would be great...

Hopefully we'll have a Dockerfile soon that gets things all set up :-D

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