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Where are you? A friend of our’s has some heart issues. It was probably a couple of weeks between when his doctor in Iowa referred him and when specialists in Minnesota were seeing him.

Maybe that’s another reason folks in the different sides are basically talking past each other. If you’re not in a major urban area, seeing a doctor is very fast in the US. When I lived in DC it could take a month or more to get a routine pediatrician’s appointment (something like a physical for school enrollment). In exurban Maryland I can often get them the next day, rarely more than a few days.

The reason people are talking past each other is because they’re basing their opinions on personal experience and anecdotes. If you look at the data we pay more for worse outcomes.




And Canada isn’t the only alternative to the U.S. when it comes to health systems.

We pay a lot more for worse outcome in education too, don't we (and from what I heard, in infrastructure also), so by what reason can we believe that Healthcare would be totally different?

Edit: I just got an appointment for tomorrow morning for a minor ear infection, through an iOS app.

I'm in SoCal. Kaiser wait time was for Ortho in Denver CO.

We've moved to SoCal. Under HMO, specialist wait time is about a month now.

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