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Not a conference, but once, I wrote a book. The local bookstore, bless them, staged a meet-the-authors, tech talk. I showed up two hours early, lugging a suitcase with extra books. Cookies and lemonade were laid out, along with pristine pens and pads, chairs in perfect alignment. A very nice, gentle old lady showed up early. I was hopeful. I soon discovered she was retired and occupied her time by going to these library things. We gamely began our prepared talk. Half an hour later another person wandered in. He was probably homeless and was there for the lemonade and cookies. This very kind pair stayed until the end and even asked some questions -- that had nothing to do with the subject, and I doubt they understood a thing I said.

It's great that you can talk about this with humor (I actually laughed out loud and had to explain to my wife what it was about). I hope you can see that the event had nothing to do with the quality of your work, and more than that, it shouldn't make you question writing it in the first place.

Thank you sharing this. It's nice you can reflect on this in such a light. Heart warming!

This made me smile. What a wonderful story, thanks for sharing!

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