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Came here to say the same thing. If you can avoid using a laptop, I know many people can't, a desktop buys you a lot of freedom.

Freedom to choose good components, a fanless case, and a functional OS like NixOS.

I've been using a desktop at work for the last ten years and hopefully to the foreseeable future. With a price of a MacBook pro you get 16-24 cores, good cooling facilities, 32-64 GB of RAM and excellent Linux support.

I built a desktop a few months ago after 10 years of laptops. Wow, what a difference time makes! It's incredible what you can get on even a modest budget when speccing desktop components.

I also have a desktop at work, along with a couple of other people.

If I need a laptop for a meeting or to travel, I can either use "my" 5-year-old one, or the spare new one. Or the conference room desktop, which has a real keyboard and mouse.

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