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I have been using a System76 Darter Pro (max cpu and ram) with Pop!_OS 19.04 and it’s been a dream to use. My day to day workload includes docker, node.js services, Postgres, mongodb, and gis tasks. I get about 6 hours of battery life while working and about 8 or so when doing non-work tasks. It’s the real deal. I’m also driving a 4K monitor with the laptop display on as well. Smooth as butter. However, I’ve tried some modeling with Sweet Home 3D. That didn’t go so hot. The Darter can use thunderbolt external gpus though and I’ve been meaning to pick one up and see how well it works

Pop OS on a T series Lenovo have been fault free for me. Ive run it on T480, T580 and T480S. The T490 which has just been released has a much brighter panel so opt for that one if you can.

I like PopOS but that first link is terrible.

It only reinforces the idea that PopOS is little more than a reskinned Ubuntu (which is not a bad thing!). The only non different default setting is the availability of a recovery partition, while the other features mentioned are basically just different defaults.

They also include better support for NVidia drivers vs stock Ubuntu. Thats very appreciable when you have a laptop with integrated and discrete GPU.

Exactly, so why do you not just use Ubuntu?

> Exactly, so why do you not just use Ubuntu?

For us who don't prefer Mac OS:

It copied way to much from Apple.

The alt-tab is in particular has been a usability disaster for some of us I think.

For a while I'd install Ubuntu and try from time to time but now I've given up on them.

I keep wondering whether I should try Linux again. Is KDE any better than Ubuntu?

For what it's worth, KDE [Plasma] is just a desktop environment - you can run it on Ubuntu.

As of 2019, I'm fairly happy with Linux on the desktop; usability is really solid, WINE is significantly better than years before, and many games will play perfectly fine with basically no manual configuration thanks to projects like DXVK.

I'm running KDE on Arch. And, I'm definitely happier than I was on Windows.

Depends on what you want from your desktop:

There's a number of people who can't stand KDE because of lack of consistency in padding etc (I have to take their word for it because I cannot see such things).

Often such people seem to enjoy using Macs and I defend that choice.

Personally I prefer Linux or even Windows to Macs because of (drumroll) consistency.

I want my keyboard to look mostly the same year in and year out. I want the layout to be roughly similar either I sit on my laptop keyboard or an external keyboard. I want modifier keys to work the same between apps. As a heavy multitasker I want my alt-tab to work the way it used when I learned it.

As for why KDE/Linux instead of Windows I just really like it for some reason. On top of that I prefer the Linux ecosystem, the reduced build times I get when I compile, the snappier git etc etc.

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