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I also work at a company heavily reliant on Microsoft Office. It makes it hard to pick any OS that isn't Windows or Mac.

Cloud apps like Google Docs, Hangouts, Slack etc.. were supposed to make the OS less important. It's too bad we're not there yet.

Why not just use Windows then? If you really need *sh and command line tools, just get WSL, msys or cygwin.

Maybe first move to using Microsoft apps online?

Why don't they use Google Docs instead of MS Office? It's 2019...

Multitude of reasons:

* your documents cannot leave your company network,

* you need features not supported by gdocs,

* you need to work offline,

* you need 100% compatibility for produced files,

* (fill in your favorites)

Lack of MS Office (non-365) availability for Linux is quite a barrier to Linux adoption in more places.

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