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What have the biggest annoyances been when switching?

I occasionally try switching but always get frustrated with the amount of time I have to spend fussing with graphics drivers, multitouch drivers, keyboard shortcuts, etc, but it's possible that's because I've only really attempted it on Apple hardware.

Driver issues were very minimal (had to turn off a power management thing, and use the on board graphics card for most usage), maybe an hour-ish. Otherwise, I was completely shocked how modern the experience is. Honestly, I find it better than the Mac UI because it lets me just get shit done without getting in my way. Keyboard shortcuts are weird, but I was using Windows 10 in the mix as well, so I'm used to that. However, I was never big into the apple ecosystem, so it would be more painful if you have an iphone, ipad, use itunes for everything, etc.

I'm in the google ecosystem, so life was crazy easy.

I have two System76 Meerkats and a Purism Librem 13, which are an absolute breeze.

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