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I have a late 2013 MacBook pro and the Dell precision 5530 running Ubuntu 16.04. The Precision 5530 is faster for everything except when I'm using it for video conferencing. A regular Hangouts session brings it down to its knees. I will be holding on to my 2013 MacBook pro as long as I can :).

I got a maxed out late 2013 MBP and I too am going to hold onto it as long as possible. 4 core i7, 16gb of ram, discrete gpu and it still runs like a champ. The only problem I had was that the battery recently swelled up which caused problems with the touchpad and fans, but apple ended up replacing the battery, keypad, touchpad, and casing for $300 which wasn't too bad considering ifixit wanted like $1,000 bucks for all those parts and now it feels like new.

Me too. I see little reason to upgrade it. I planned to upgrade it two years ago but am still waiting for something that's up to the expected design. More memory (more than 16 gig) would have been nice when I bought it, but that's the max Apple allowed and it can't be upgraded.

I've yet to have to replace my battery. I'm hoping that the 2019 edition is worth buying, e.g. this stuff built in: * Escape key * SD card reader * Older USB and new USB C sockets * HDMI out * >1TB SSD * magnetic power adapter

I'd also like to see touch screen but let's see. I'd give that up for all the above.

I really don't see the point in making the macbook pro an ipad with a keyboard and some extra umpf. They're totally missing the target audience.

Out of that list, you'll definitely get USB-C sockets and probably the 1TB SSD. I can't see any of the rest of it ever being on a MacBook again.

You're probably right; but it seems odd that the power adapter is such a step back

Mine is the early 2013 maxed out and also runs like a champ. The battery is going bad, so I'm glad you posted how much you paid for it. I'm really not looking forward to an upgrade.

If the battery starts to swell, get it replaced and see what Apple quotes you. I delayed it (thought the fan noise was because of dust so i tried opening it up and shooting compressed air at it and that did not work but I did notice how hard it was to close it back up) until it caused the fan to non-stop whining at an unbearable rate.

Took it in for an official check up to double-check it as i was thinking about ordering fan parts to repair it myself. They said the battery looked to be swelling which they thought was causing the insane fan noise and quoted me $200 for the battery replacement. I thought I could buy the battery cheaper but grudgingly accepted as they said it would cover all the repairs with that fee. They shipped it to a repair center and then upped the fees by $100 for labor. I again grungendly accepted it as I just wanted it fixed, I could mess up the personal repair, and having them do it saves me time.

After getting the laptop back that looked brand new with all the replacements, I remembered why I love Apple. I'm just surprised they didn't tell me all the parts they were going to replace for the $300 as that would have sold me instantly especially considering my trackpad had been half broken but I did not associate it with the swelling battery at the time.

Yes for Video conferencing Mac or Windows are so much better when it comes to hardware and application support. Being in need of some Unix-compatible, Macs are still my first choice although my last purchase decision was really not easy...

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