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My biggest fear regarding remote work is career progression. It seems that the author is a founder, so this isn't an issue for him, but my anecdotal evidence tells me that remote workers are left behind in terms of promotions and professional growth.

This might be less relevant for remote only companies, but I would need to see it first hand before I become less sceptic.

For devs, there are usually two path choices. Engineering Management or Individual Contributors. As a remote engineer, you will tend towards being IC than being EM and this is because most engineers, as the post mentions, are self-motivated and self-disciplined. And being an IC, it's not as hard to climb up the ladder, although, the problem is, most remote companies don't have a defined ladder. I think with companies like Gitlab, setting an example of a fully-remote company of a considerate size, the view will change and more companies will take this path in future. If you notice, most remote companies are really in their early stage and there's no need to define career progression path yet, given the things they have to prioritize at that stage.

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