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I believe the whole remote only or not is really about the process as you mentioned. I've worked in a company where we had physical offices, but folks would work remotely several days a week. When we did standups, everyone would hop onto Zoom on their computers. Everyone would also be very punctual to meetings and respect the time setting agendas and providing notes for those who couldn't make it.

Now in a company that operates as an in-office, but supports remote work, it functions very differently. Everyone in the office huddles around the scrum master's computer and the remote folks are dialed in. Often times the audio is incomprehensible since people are too far from the one laptop. Meetings are randomly canceled or moved without knowledge. There were a number of times I would sit in a meeting for 10 - 15 minutes waiting for people and posting on the Slack channel if the meeting was still happening. Dead silence. Any larger team meetings, forget about it; I'll have to catch up from the slides later or ask my colleagues what I missed.

I think we're saying the same thing. My added point is just that leadership needs to set this example.

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