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What they need is an Apache Commons or Guava of Python. They're both defacto part of the standard java library.

I try to avoid Guava because they have a habit of making incompatible breaking changes, and because so many libraries depend on it, it's likely to cause version conflicts. The way Apache Commons puts the major version in the package is much better in that regard.

I have not experienced this running guava 16-23 in various apps. Maybe incompatible but they're good about security patches for old versions. I have never seen a version conflict between guava releases

It's very easy to get a Guava version conflict because (a) Guava frequently adds new stuff, and (b) Guava semi-frequently deprecates and removes stuff a couple versions later.

So all you need is one dep that needs Guava version X with method M that is removed in version X+2 (say) and another dep that needs something new introduced in version X+2, and you have a Guava version conflict. That's, Guava releases are not backwards compatible due to removal of classes and methods.

You can sometimes fix this with a technology like shade or OSGi or whatever to allow private copies but it does not always work.

Transitive dependencies on Guava 19, 20, 21 can lead to runtime crashes if your dependencies differ in what guava versions they expected when they were compiled:


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