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Why u dont use just regular Gitlab Pages without Netlify?

Well Netlify does give you an option to add custom headers, redirects etc. Add CDN and cache busting along with branch deploys, that's something you cannot do with gitlab pages or github pages. Also github pages takes a long time to get live for the first time (at least it did for me).

Afaik you can specify custom headers in Cloudflare - same as CDN/Cache support and you can definitely use custom branches for release and dev in gitlab - all you have to do is specify them in config.yaml ...

I have been running a bunch of generated static pages via GH (and now GitLab) and never seen any disadvantage, but don't take me wrong - I am always learning :)

What does Netlify bring to the table? Gitlab already has CI/CD.


Deploy a Blog site with Gitlab pages and Cloudflare https://blog.zenggyu.com/en/post/2019-02-08/deploying-a-blog...

I've done such setups as well. E.g. my "personal" website cimnine.ch is set up like that.

Netlify was just a lot quicker to get started. It automatically compresses images, js, etc., if you tell it to. It automatically deploys branches to a special subdomain, so you can share previews of branches with other people. Also, though I haven't used that yet, it has this "Functions" thing that would allow you to add dynamic behaviour to your static website.

Thanks for sharing the links. The GitLab Pages doc [1] and product vision [2] may be an interesting read as well.

[1] - https://docs.gitlab.com/ee/user/project/pages/

[2] - https://about.gitlab.com/direction/release/pages/

Anyone know?

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