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You know, I've been using the Bitbucket & Netlify ecosystem for my Wild Mind[1] website for a little over a year. I moved from a self-install of WordPress on Digital Ocean to the Victor Hugo[2] boilerplate and then used my own theme. It's been an absolute joy to build with and I've actually been excited to continue to write because the friction to doing so is largely gone. Really can't recommend Netlify or Hugo enough.

[1]: https://www.wildmind.io

[2]: https://github.com/netlify-templates/victor-hugo

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Your site is very easy to look at. Well done. I read your "about me" and like your writing style as well. And agree, Netlify is pure gold.

What a lovely comment to read. Thank you! Netlify has taken the pain of maintaining a server away.

Beautiful! I've been loving Hugo for a while now, using it for a neighborhood organization, but I've yet to find a non-technical front-end for managing the content. I built this great thing but no-one else in the non-profit can contribute because they (understandably) don't want to or can't take the time to learn Markdown. Have you (or anyone) found a Hugo friendly front end?

One click Hugo cms [0] which provides a user friendly front end.

[0] https://github.com/netlify-templates/one-click-hugo-cms

Thanks, but we don't have the budget necessary for Netlify Identity. At least last time I checked, it is only free for a very limited number of users.

There is also netlifycms.

Thanks. I should have mentioned that I did look into that and found the free version too limited in the number of accounts it allowed. We need to have a small, but > 2 number of users accessing the front end. We have no budget to pay for the non-free netlify-cms.

That’s one of the best-designed websites I’ve ever seen. Good writing too. But wow, Medium should just hire you to do a redesign.

I’ve been self hosting word press for my blog since 2006. What made you switch? And why do you like it better?

I switched because I've done a lot of WordPress development over the years and I wanted to learn something else. Liking it better is because it's a far simpler set-up for me: no database, write in the terminal, don't have to worry about comments or malicious log-in attempts. WordPress is great, don't get me wrong, but using the same platform became boring for me.

I'm adding you to my blog list

Enjoyed reading your essays. Thanks.

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