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This is a nice write-up, and it's great that it includes instructions for things like creating a GitLab account, which may be unfamiliar for non-developers.

But if you're going to maintain a blog as a set of markdown files, it'a worth considering using Netlify CMS (a web-based CMS for managing markdown files in a git repo).

This is especially the case if you don't use a command line or git often, e.g. if you're not a developer or sysadmin.

A good starter repo for a blog based on Gatsby, git and Netlify CMS:


I used the above for my blog, with only minor changes:


So if you’re not a developer and familiar with git you suggest for people to use the ridiculously complex, react-based gatsy, and still use git too?

Not exactly. I suggest using Netlify CMS, which uses git under the hood, and means git is invisible to you.

One way to set something like this up is to use the gatsby template I linked, which can be used without knowing what React, GraphQL (or even Gatsby) are.

I have never used Gatsby, but another in the space is Hugo. If you want a blog then you can choose from one of the many different templates. In terms of PITA, this isn't far off from a self-hosted Wordpress option. Netlify even gives you the option to drag and drop your entire site rather than using a tool such as Git. Yes, Hugo and all these other tools can get to be a massive headache, but you can get a blog going really easy.

I'm using Hugo for a neighborhood non-profit and really stuck on the non-developer front end. I looked into the Netlify CMS but it allows only one (or a few?) accounts to access a site under the free plan. The non-profit has no budget for kind of thing.

Netlify CMS is released under the MIT Licence.

But if you're using Netlify for hosting, you'll need the 'Netlify Identity' service to allow your users to log in. The free tier has a limit of 5 users (or 1000 if you allow open sign-ups).

Does your neighbourhood non-profit have more than 5 non-developers who need that front-end to add/edit pages?

Oh. Thx. That's a nice find. I started to play with Gatsby a couple of weeks ago. I want to do / maintain my CV via markdown and a straightforward static site.

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